2014: Our Best Year Yet


I believe that 2014 will be our best year yet! Don’t get me wrong, 2013 was a fantastic year. We saw God do some incredible things in our church. At our campus , we saw over 50 people cross the line of faith and become followers of Jesus. We baptized many of you, and watched you begin your spiritual journey in a Small Group. In fact, some of you were so excited about what Christ did for you, that you began to tell others who are far from God and bring them to church! I cannot wait to see what God has in store for all of us next year.

It was an honor to preach to you this weekend about my heart for next year. I believe that the strength of our church will be reflected in our ability to love God and others. The place where we can best demonstrate this is in a Small Group. It is in a Small Group where you will devote yourself to God’s Word, to fellowship, and to prayer. It is in a Small Group where you will see God move in your life and others, have personal needs met, and serve our city. Small Groups are the life of our church.

So if you’re not in a Small Group yet, ¬†join one today! Or better yet, ¬†some of you may want to open your home to lead a group of your own. No matter which group you fall in, we want you to be cared for in a Small Group!

I look forward to seeing you this weekend, as we kick off the new year. I pray that you see God do amazing things in your life in 2014. Trust Him alone.

– Pastor Rey

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Letter to Christ Fellowship Coral Gables

Dear CFCG,

I can’t wait to speak to you this Sunday! I will be preaching this weekend, so I hope that you will pray for me over the next couple of days. It is exciting to think of what God has done in our church this year. The good news is that He is not finished with us yet! I cannot wait to share with you how your life can be changed through community this weekend. Bring a friend with you, in fact, bring two friends this weekend! Let’s finish off the year strong!

Praying that God speaks to you this weekend through worship and the Word!

– Pastor Rey